The Fine Art of Candy Witcher


What is a giclée print? Click here to find out!

Wolf with Rocks by Candy Witcher

Wolf with Rocks
Airing Out II by Candy Witcher

Airing Out II
Porch on the Cape by Candy Witcher

Porch on the Cape
Snow Hare by Candy Witcher

Snow Hare
Fall Reflections II by Candy Witcher

Fall Reflections II
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What is a Giclée?

Giclée (jhee-clay) - Derived from a French term meaning 'spray of ink', the word giclée is used to describe a museum-quality print generated on a high-end fine art printer, such as an Iris printer. In the printmaking process, a fine stream of ink is sprayed onto an archival art paper of the scanned image, which is hand-mounted onto a rotating drum, creating the fine art print. The artist collaborates with the printmaker to create each edition of prints.

Vibrant colors and rich detailing are achieved because of the three million possible colors, over five hundred chromatic changes, and precise control over hue, value and density. Since no screens are used in the printmaking process, giclée prints have a higher resolution than that of lithographs and the dynamic color range of giclée prints is greater that that of serigraphs.

Image permanence is a concern to both artists and collectors. These giclée prints were printed on somerset velvet 330 gsm - a 100% cotton, acid-free, mould made paper imported from St. Cuthberts mill in England. The ink used on my giclée prints is Pinnacle Gold which is very stable, giving fade and color shift resistance on water color paper of better than 75-100 years for average indoor light conditions (most giclées have a longevity rating of 24 years) .

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